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Posted on October 13, 2016

The Pennsylvania Association of Career and Technical Administrators (PACTA) is partnering with the Pennsylvania Department of Education and NOCTI to assist with the pilot testing of NOCTI national job ready tests and Pennsylvania customized tests.  We believe that this partnership will result in high quality tests which meet the needs of Pennsylvania career and technical education students.  This is especially important with the technical skills accountability measures required by Perkins IV and Pennsylvania State Board of Education regulations. This partnership can only be successful with the cooperation of PACTA member schools. 


We need your assistance in the administration of pilot tests.  We strongly encourage schools to pilot both the written and performance components.  Both components must meet the required number of test takers for proper validation of the test.  If the required number of test takers is not acquired, the test cannot be validated and will not be release in the fall as a final test.  Details on the 2016-2017 pilot testing schedule and tests to be piloted are below.



·        Pilot test takers should be program completers/seniors.  Schools should only pilot test with program completers as the population being pilot tested should be the same as is intended for the final test.


·        Pilot tests must be administered a minimum of six weeks before students take the post-test. 


·        Normative data is not calculated for pilot tests.  Pilot test scores are for informational purposes only and are not to be used as a substitute for pre- or post-test scores.


·        All pilot tests will be delivered in the online format only.  Performance ratings must be entered into the online system.  Instructions for entering performance ratings are available in the Resources section of NOCTI’s Client Services Center.


·        Pilot tests are not available in text-to-speech format.



·        Helps NOCTI ensure the validity and release of the test.


·        Allows the site an opportunity to administer the new/revised test in a "no pressure" (practice) environment.


·        Gives the site an opportunity to review and improve internal test administration processes and test security procedures.


·        Encourages a review of curriculum to ensure its effectiveness.



Pennsylvania Customized Tests – Sites piloting one or more Pennsylvania customized test are eligible to receive the following from PACTA:


·        $25 per student– for administering a PA-specific written and performance pilot test


NOCTI National Job Ready Tests – Sites piloting one or more NOCTI national test with at least 10 pilot tests are eligible for a NOCTI gift certificate:


·        $100 – for administering at least 10 written pilot tests

·        $250 – for administering at least 10 written and performance pilot tests

·        $400 – for administering at least 25 written and performance pilot tests




Pennsylvania Customized Tests:

·        Administrative Assistant PA   (CIP Code 52.0401)

·        Agricultural Mechanization PA   (CIP Code 01.0201)

·        Agricultural Productions Operations PA   (CIP Code 01.0301)

·        General Agriculture PA   (CIP Code 01.0000)

·        Sales, Distribution and Marketing Operations PA   (CIP Code 52.1801)


NOCTI National Job Ready Tests:

·        Accounting Basic

·        Architectural Drafting

·        CAD

·        Carpentry

·        Computer Programming

·        Culinary Arts Level 2 Cook

·        Dental Assisting

·        Electronics Technology

·        Forest Products and Processing

·        Graphics Production Technology

·        Manufacturing Technology

·        Medical Assisting (performance only)

·        Television Production

·        Web Design

·        Welding



November 15, 2016 – May 15, 2017         Pilot testing window

May 15, 2017                                             On-line pilot test user codes must be released



Test site coordinators are responsible for ordering pilot tests.  NOCTI has a customized pilot test order form for Pennsylvania schools.  The order form will be available on NOCTI’s Client Services Center website closer to November 15, 2016.


Log onto

1.   Select the “Ordering” tab

2.   Select “Pilot Test” order form



If you have any questions regarding the pilot testing, please call Lori Bell at (412) 675-9065 or she can be reached by e-mail at

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