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PDE FAQ Student Performance Measures for Classroom Teachers

Posted on October 15, 2014

In September, 2014, PDE released a Frequently Asked Questions document that references use of Student Performance Measures for classroom teachers. The PDE FAQ document provides guidance that in the case where no other Teacher Specific Data exists, teachers should create two separate SLOs (one for the Elective Data at 20% of the evaluation and one for the Teacher Specific Data at 15% of the evaluation).  The linked document provides guidance about how it should be handled if only one SLO is created.  Since you may have taken a PACTA Educator Effectiveness PIL, PACTA suggests that you become familiar with the linked document, specifically Pages 4-8, that reference Teacher Specific Data, and Question #28 that answers the question related to the conditions under which one SLO may be used in the process of teacher evaluation.


Although it is possible for teachers to create one SLO to count for both the Elective Data and the Teacher Specific Data components, care should be taken to follow the PDE guidance on the process to be followed.  Please see Question 28 for a detailed explanation of how a single SLO may be used for both the Elective Data and the Teacher Specific Data components. For legal advice, contact your school solicitor.



Click here to to download Frequently Asked Questions Document

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