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Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Posted on June 09, 2022


Type: Full-time



Position Description


Position Title:                         Director of Curriculum and Instruction




  1. Minimum of 5 years successful career & technical teaching experience
  2. Master’s degree
  3. Experience in curriculum development and implementation
  4. Experience in preparing and delivering professional development for all staff
  5. Vocational Administrative Director Certificate
  6. Minimum of three years administrative/supervisory experience
  7. Dual certification (Academic and Vocational) preferred


Reports To/Supervised By:              Executive Director




  1. Supervise and provide leadership in the ongoing development and implementation of the LCTI competency based career and technical education curriculum including the identification of competencies, development of instructional materials and use of appropriate assessment techniques.
  2. Supervise the development of the academic curriculum to meet the PA Core and PA academic standards
  3. Plan and implement in-service professional development activities for all staff members
  4. Plan and implement after school professional development activities
  5. Assess the curriculum development and instructional practices of teachers
  6. Supervise and assist teachers in the continuing development of required curriculum materials for special populations.
  7. Direct the implementation of state and national skill standards and certificates
  8. Direct the integration of academic and CTE curriculum and learning activities
  9. Supervise the Technology supervisor
  10. Direct the integration of technology into instruction
  11. Supervise the curriculum, main office and copy room secretaries
  12. Supervise the instructional coaches
  13. Prepare and submit curriculum materials to PDE for new program and approval
  14. Coordinate curriculum-related activities for any PDE compliance reviews
  15. Maintain the master curriculum library for all approved academic and career and technical programs.
  16. Coordinate, facilitate, and prepare the PDE Comprehensive Plan
  17. Plan and implement approved Act 48 professional  development
  18. Supervise and plan professional development for instructional assistants
  19. Supervise the documentation and submission of professional education and in-service credits and hours for all professional staff as required by Act 48.
  20. Plan and coordinate the LCTI Induction Plan for new instructors. 
  21. Coordinate state and federal grants as assigned
  22. Supervise the public relations coordinator




  1. Oversee the development of all public relations materials and publications
  2. Facilitate articulation agreements with post-secondary institutions
  3. Maintain and update all articulation agreements
  4. Serve on the Lehigh County Career Pathways Committee
  5. Attend the CLIU Curriculum and Instruction Council meetings
  6. Assist with the interviewing and hiring of staff
  7. Assist with the PA NOCTI test as needed
  8. Coordinate the Educator Effectiveness supervision model
  9. Perform  other duties as assigned by the Executive Director



Physical Requirements of Job:




Not At All       Occasionally                Frequently                   Constantly

0                      1 - 33%                        34 - 66%                      67 - 100%



Up to 10 lbs:                Frequently

11 to 20 lbs:                 Occasionally

Beyond 20 lbs:                        Not at all



            Bend/Stoop:                Occasionally

            Climb:                         Occasionally

            Kneel:                          Occasionally

            Push:                           Occasionally

            Pull:                             Occasionally

            Twisting:                     Occasionally

            Standing:                     Occasionally

            Sitting:                        Occasionally

            Walking:                      Occasionally



Terms of Employment:


Length of Work Year:             Twelve (12) months




Performance will be evaluated by the Executive Director.


The position holder must be able to perform the essential job functions with or without reasonable accommodation.  It is the responsibility of the employee to inform the LCTI of any and all reasonable accommodations that will be required.


LCTI is an equal opportunity employment, educational and service organization.