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Supervisor of Career and Technical Education

Posted on July 23, 2018

School: Pittsburgh Public Schools

Type: full-time position

The Supervisor of Career and Technical Education shall perform those duties assigned by the Executive Director to ensure the efficient operation of the career and technical education offerings at Pittsburgh Public Schools.


Reports ToExecutive Director, Career and Technical Education
Office Location: Pittsburgh Obama 6-12 

Salary Plan: Support Administrator Salary Schedule Level 3, Step 1 (starting at $93, 179) 

FLSA Status: Exempt 

Work Year: 12 Months
- A Supervisory or Director of Vocational Education certification issued by the PA Department of Education. 

- A Bachelor's of Science Degree in vocational education or related area. 

- Seven (7) years of experience teaching CTE programs; most recent experience preferred. 

- Excellent written and interpersonal skills and the ability to work with demanding timelines and production of quality products. 

- Proficient using PC-based computer applications, Microsoft Office applications, e-mail, Web applications, and industry-specific technology.
Residency RequirementsNo Residency Requirement
Essential Job Functions
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 

- Supervise CTE programs and electives in middle and high schools. 

- Provide New Teacher Induction workshops for new CTE staff. 

- Attend Board Meetings and professional development sessions and any other activity or meeting as deemed appropriate by the Executive Director. 

- Supervise and assist instructors in the curriculum development/implementation process. 

- Oversee and monitor all teachers' lesson plans. 

- Observe and evaluate CTE teachers. 

- Monitor the integration of core academics into Career and Technical Education offerings. 

- Assist in implementation of the Superintendent's Strategic Plan. 

- Assist in the recruitment and selection of applicants for CTE staff positions. 

- Assist in the development of policies, proposals and procedures. 

- Develop, attend, and facilitate all staff-related professional development sessions. 

- Maintain open lines of communication with school principals, academic counselors, and career counselors. 

- Maintain data on CTE program industry certifications. 

- Assist in budget formulation. 

- Develop and coordinate post-secondary articulation agreements and dual enrollment. 

- Work with business and industry partners to enhance CTE programs. 

- Support Occupational Advisory Committees. 

- Prepare proposals/grants for Federal and State funding. 

- Maintain active membership and participation in professional organizations as recommended by the Executive Director. 

- Represent the Executive Director when directed to do so. 

- Complete any other duties or responsibilities assigned by the Executive Director. 

- Provide support for student field trips and community service activities. 

- Coordinate professional development learning opportunities for teachers. 

- Work with teachers to coordinate student internships and job shadowing experiences. 

- Coordinate and help implement a Career and Technical Student Organization for all CTE programs. 

- Prepare Board tabs when necessary. 

- Coordinate teacher NOCTI preparation for all CTE programs.
Additional Job InformationTo apply to Pittsburgh Public Schools please see our website
Work Environment: 
Employees of the Pittsburgh Public Schools engage in the extremely important and fulfilling job of educating students in the City of Pittsburgh. Employees must believe in, value and be committed to the educability of all; must promote the school and district vision of high standards of learning and academic rigor, continuous school improvement, and the inclusion of all members of the school community; must be willing to work in a high stress environment while maintaining the energy necessary to meet the responsibilities and expectations of the position. 

- Work in close collaboration with staff at multiple sites and multiple disciplines 
- Frequently required to work at fast pace 
- Comfort with ambiguity 
- Requires considerable concentration and creativity 
- Subject to stress caused by a changing environment, diversity in the organization, tight deadlines and work load. 

ADA: The employer will make reasonable accommodation in compliance with the 
American with Disabilities Act of 1990. 

This job description will be reviewed periodically as duties and responsibilities change with business necessity. Essential and marginal job functions are subject to modification.

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